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Books about "Syntax"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Argument for A no-transformational grammar

University of Chicago Press

The major syntactic structures of English

Holt Rinehart and Winston

Syntactic theory

Holt, Rinehart and Winston


Academic Press

Aspects of theory of syntax

The M.I.T. Press

Semantic syntax

Oxford University Press

Formal syntax and semantics of programming languages : a laboratory based approach

Addison-Wesley Pub. Co

English sentence structure

University of Michigan Press

Syntactic change : a minimalist approach to grammaticalization

Cambridge University Press

Syntactic theory and the structure of English : a minimalist approach

Cambridge University Press

Analysing sentences : an introduction to English syntax

Pearson Longman

Lexical-functional syntax


Syntax : a generative introduction


Core syntax : a minimalist approach

Oxford University Press

The art of syntax : rhythm of thought, rhythm of song

Graywolf Press

Modern syntax : a coursebook

Cambridge University Press

Analysing English sentences : a minimalist approach

Cambridge University Press

An introduction to English sentence structure

Cambridge University Press

Book of Sentences


Semantics in acquisition


Italian syntax and universal grammar

Cambridge University Press

Language typology and syntactic description

Cambridge University Press

Morphosyntactic persistence in spoken English : a corpus study at the intersection

Mouton de Gruyter

Minimalist syntax : the essential readings

Blackwell Pub

Analyzing syntax : a lexical-functional approach

Cambridge University Press
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