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Books about "Syntax"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Structural essentials of English

Harcourt, Brace

Minimalist syntax

Blackwell Pub.

Transformational grammar : a first course

Cambridge University Press

Syntactic theory and the structure of English : a minimalist approach

Cambridge University Press

Complex words in English


An introduction to Syntax

Cambridge University Press

Syntax : a generative introduction

Blackwell Publishers

English syntactic structures

Pergamon Press

English syntax alternate edition

Harcourt, Brace & World

English syntactic structures : Functions and categories in sentence analysis

Pergamon Press

Syntactic argumentation and the structure of english

University of California

Some Syntactic Features Typical Of Spoken English in the Senior English Majors Writing at An-Najah


A Manual of Advanced English for Foreign student

Longmans Green and CO

Topics in the syntax of Egyption arabic

The university of Texas At Austin

Lectures on Contemporary syntactic theories



Cambridge University Press

Foundations of Syntactic theory

Prentice Hall

Syntactic Argumentation

Gerogetown univertity press


Academic Press

Functional Syntax :Anaphora ,Discourse and Empathy

The University of Chicago Press

Syntax :A Minimalist Introduction

Cambridge University Press

Syntax:Structure ,Meaning and Function

Cambridge University Press

A Transformational Approach to English Syntax

Academic Press

Verb Movement and Expletive Subjects in Germanic Languages

Oxford University Press

Syntax: A Minimalist Introduction

Cambridge University Press
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