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Books about "Technical writing"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Scientists must write to:A guide to better writing for scientists,engineers and students

Chapman and Hall

Reporting technical information

Glencoe press

Writing scientific English: a textbook of English as a foreign language for students of physical and engineering sciences.


Technical communication : a reader - centered approach

Wadsworth cengage learning

Writing and learning in the science classroom


IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication

Writing For The Web

Jaico publishing house

Guide to Style : An essential guide to the basic of writing style

Viva Books

Speak and write Better English


How to write a successful science thesis : the concise guide for students


Telling stories : a short path to writing better software requirements

Wiley Pub.

Scientists must write: a guide to better writing for scientists, engineers


Applied writing for technicians

McGraw-Hill Higher Education

The elements of international english style aguide to writng correspondence

Prentice -Hall of India

An engineer's guide to technical communication

Pearson Prentice Hall

How to write and publish ascientific paper

Cambridge University Press

Technical Report Writing: specially prepared for technical and competitive examint


Principles of technical writing

Dar Al-Hamed

Writing for computer science


Writing for science and engineering : papers, presentations, and reports

Butterworth Heinemann

Factual writing : exploring and challenging social reality

Oxford University Press

Good style : Writing for science and technology

E & Fn Spon

Effective writing

E & Fn Spon

Effective writing for commerce and industry

MA. Pub

Pocket Book of Technical Writing for engineers and Scientists

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