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Dictionary of literary terms


Terminological inconsistency in medical translation from English into Arabic

An-Najah National University

المصطلحات القانونية : تعلم، تقدم واستمتع

Dar Wael

Exploring medical language : a student-directed approach


Legal terminology

Arab community library for publishing of distribution

Oxford word skills. Basic

Oxford University Press

English for the financial sector : student's book

Cambridge University Press

English for the financial sector : teacher's book

Cambridge University Press

Professional English in use. Engineering : technical English for professionals

Cambridge University Press

International legal English : a course for classroom or self-study use

Cambridge University Press

Cambridge English for engineering

Cambridge University Press

Legal treminology in english contracts : English - Arabic

Dar Al Thaqafa

Legal terminology in English

Ithra'a for Publishing

Medical Terminology

Dar Tasneem

Home ground : language for an American landscape

Trinity University Press

Dictionary of Commerce

A.I.T.B.S. Publishers, India

English for pharmacy writing and oral communication

Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Medical terminology : a short course

Saunders Elsevier

Test your professional english law

Penguin English Guides

Business law


Studying literature : the essential companion

Co-published in the United States of America by the Oxford University Press

English for health sciences


Legal English: how to understand and master the language of law


An illustrated guide to animal science terminology


A Glossary of literary terms

Thomson / Heinle
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