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Books about "Textbooks for foreign speakers."

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Intermediate composition practice : a text for students of English as a second language

Newbury House publishers

Making connections : a strategic approach to academic reading

Cambridge University Press

IELTS : International English Language Testing System

Barron's educational series

A to Z any Community Activities for Students of English


English phrasal verbs in use : 70 units of vocabulary reference and practice ; self-study and classroom use

Cambridge University Press

Drills and exercises in English pronunciation : stress and intonation.

Collier Macmillan

English for the telecommunications industry

Oxford University Press

Jazz chants for children : rhythms of American English through chants, songs and poems

Oxford University Press

Café crème 1 : méthode de français


Sans frontières. 1, Méthode de français

CLE International

English for science

Prentice Hall Regents

Longman English grammar practice


Tailor-Made textbook

Code Europe

Spectrum 1, a communicative course in English

Regents/Prentice Hall

Frontiers : an active introduction to English grammar


Longman advanced grammar : reference and practice


Understanding and using English grammar

Prentice Hall Regents

Work & Leisure

Heinemann Educational
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