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Books about "Variation"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Discorse across cultures


Infraspecific Classification Wild and Cultiated Plants

Clarendon Press

Animal diversity

McGraw-Hill Higher Education

Variety in contemporary English


English language quantitative indicators : Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen

Euromonitor international

Quranic verses as a religious and cultural identity

Lap Lambert Academic Publishing

Corpus analysis and variation in linguistics

John Benjamins Pub. Co.,

Postcolonial English : varieties around the world

Cambridge University Press

Sociolinguistic variation : theories, methods, and applications

Cambridge University Press

Style : language variation and identity

Cambridge University Press

Laboratory studies in animal diversity


Morphosyntactic persistence in spoken English : a corpus study at the intersection

Mouton de Gruyter

De-hegemonizing language standards : learning from (post)colonial Englishes abo

Macmillan Press

Style and sociolinguistic variation

Cambridge University Press

Comparative study of genetic diversity in durum wheat in Palestine

An-Najah national university-faculty of graduate studies

Style and sociolinguistic variation

Cambridge University Press
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