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Books about "Water rights"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

The Middle East water question : hydropolitics and the global economy

I.B. Tauris

Gulf security and regional watercourse management : implications for the UAE

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

Water wars: programme 1, 2, 3

BBC Videos for Education & Training-BBC Enterprises Ltd.

Water Values & Rights: 2nd International Conference

Palestine Academy Press

Assessment of legal aspects of the management of shared water resources in the e

United Nations-ESCWA

Water: values and rights-proceedings of the international conference on wat

Palestine Academy Press

Water rights and uses in midland Palestine


Water rights and uses in midland Paletine

Birzeit University

Waterin the middle east

Tauris academic studies

Aspects of Palestinian Water Rights

Ramallah Center for human rights Studies

Tribal water management handbook

The American Indian Resources Institute(AIRI)
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