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Books about "Women in development"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Final Report: High Level Segment

United Nations Publication,

Gender and Law: Eastern Africa Speaks

The World Bank

Organizing women workers in the informal economy : beyond the weapons of the weak

Zed Books

Getting institutions right for women in development

Zed Books

The gender politics of development : essays in hope and despair

Zed Books

The daughters of development : women and the changing environment

Zed Books

Feminisms in development : contradictions, contestations, and challenges

Zed Books

The Women, gender and development reader

Fernwood Pub. : Zed Books

Gender and Development

Icfai books : The Icfai University press

Arab - Western youth dialogue on women issues, Alexandria 13-15 June 2009

Arab Women Organization

Gender budget initiatives : strategies, concepts and experiences

United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM)

Gender Inequalities in Kenya


Women, development, and the UN : a sixty-year quest for equality and justice

Indiana University Press

The future of women's rights : global visions and strategies

Zed Books

Women and sustainable development: an international dimention

Ashish Publishing House

Women Through Ages


Women in developing countries: a selected annotated bibliography for developme

Institute of Development Studies

Development, crises and alternative visions : Third World women's perspectives


Women, globalization and fragmentation in the developing world


Visibility and power : essays on women in society and development

Oxford University Press

Staying alive : women, ecology, and development

Zed Books

Structures and strategies : women, work, and family

Sage publications

Gender and development in the Middle East and North Africa

World Bank

Women in developing economies : making visible the invisible


Women and the environment

Zed Books
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