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Books about "Women"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Final Report: High Level Segment

United Nations Publication,

The psychopathology of women

Prentice - Hall,

A rherotic of literary Character :Some women of Henry James

The University Press

Implementing the Ethiopian National Policy

The World Bank

Gender and Law: Eastern Africa Speaks

The World Bank

Muslim Women: Nasibah Bint Kaab Al-Ansariyyah


Arab Regional Preparatory Meeting for The Fourth World Conference On Women

united nations publication

Who's Who And Where In Women's Studies

The Feminist Press

Women, family, and gender in Islamic law

Cambridge University Press

August is a Wicked Month

penguin books

Live flesh


Organizing women workers in the informal economy : beyond the weapons of the weak

Zed Books

Feminism and Islamic fundamentalism : the limits of postmodern analysis

Zed Books

Getting institutions right for women in development

Zed Books

Women, citizenship and difference

Zed Books

The aftermath : women in post-war transformation

Zed Books

Vital voices : the power of women leading change around the world


From where we stand : war, women's activism, and feminist analysis

Zed Books

Feminist post-development thought : rethinking modernity, post-colonialism & representation

Zed Books

The traffic in women : human realities of the international sex trade

Zed Books

Female well-being : toward a global theory of social change

Zed Books

The daughters of development : women and the changing environment

Zed Books

Women in Israel : race, gender and citizenship

Zed Books

Glamour : women, history, feminism

Zed Books

Engendering human security : feminist perspectives

Zed Books
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