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Books about "World politics"

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PASSIA, Palestinian academic society for the study of international affairs

Toward the Twenty-First Century:Areader in world Politics

Prentice Hall

The age of the warrior : selected writings

Fourth Estate

Modern world history for Edexcel Specification A. Core


Student atlas of world politics


Power in the changing global order : the US, Russia and China


Child soldiers : from violence to protection

Harvard University Press

Peace and conflict resolution in Northern Ireland, Palestine/Israel

Birzeit University

A New Era of the people: forging a global network of robust individuals:2006 peace propozal

Soka Gakkai International (SGI)

U.S. policy in the Middle East and the Arab-Israeli conflict

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

Iran's potential to develop nuclear weapons technology and materials

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

Conflict resolution in the post-Cold War world : implications for Iraq

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

The changing balance of power in Asia

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research


Historic documents cumulative index 1972 - 2005

CQ Press

Historic Documents Of 2006

CQ Press

The age of the warrior

Fourth Estate

Israel and the clash of civilisations

Pluto Press

IR the new world of international relations


International politics : power and purpose in global affairs

Wadsworth cengage learning

Le debat Strategique euro-americain 2000-2001

Group de Sociologie de la defense

Dictionnaire de politique internationale

Presses Universitaires de France

Guide of good practices management of an international relations office

Education and culture DG European Commission

International relation and world politice

Pearson Prentice Hall

Powers & prospects: reflections on human nature and the social order

Viva Books Private Ltd.
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