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Books about "World politics"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

International order and the future of world politics

Cambridge University Press

The rise and decline of the state

Cambridge University Press

Clashing forces : introductory essays on world politics and modern history

Dar Majdalawi Pub. & Dis.

Promoting democracy in the 1990s : actors and instruments, issues and imperatives : a report to the

Carnegie Commission on Preventing Deadly Conflict.

Global change : A Japanese perspective


International Politics and Society

Friedrich Ebert Foundation

World politics and international economics

The Brookings Institution

Two world : a realistic approach to the problem of keeping the peace

Harper & Brothers

A world of nuclear powers?


1999 : victory without war

Simon and Schuster

Soviet Perceptions Of War and Peace

National Defense University Press

Restructuring American foreign policy

The Brookings Institution

The Dynamics Of Nuclear Proliferation

The University of Chicago Press

The world challenge

Simon and Schuster

New Cycle in Asia

An Institute of Pacific Relations Publication

The Return of Richard Nixon and Other Essays

Harbinger House

The price of peace.


The New Democracies: Global Change and U.S Policy

The MIT Press

World politics : international politics on the world stage, brief


International conflict and cooperation : an introduction to world politics


The Global Puzzle :Issues and Actors in World Politics

Houghton Mifflin company

Taking sides: calshing views on controversial issues in world politics


The Heavy Dancers

Pantheon Books

The Struggle For The Third World

The Brooking Institution

World Power Trends and U.S Foreign policy for the 1980S

Westview Press
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