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Books about "Youth"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

The Challenge of youth

A Doubleday Anchor Book

D.H. Lawrence : A personal record

Cambridge University Press

Risk Factors and Priorities:Perspestives of Palestinian young People

United nations children's fund

Survey of youth organizations in Jerusalem

National endowment for democracy

Alcohol, drugs and young people : clinical approaches

Mac Keith Press

Cultural practices of the palestinian youth

Diyar publisher

Where youth development meets mental health and education : the RALLY approach


Our youth the key to success

Dar Al-Salam

Prevention plus3: Assessing alcohol and other drug prevention programs at the


Prevention plus 2: Tools for creating and sustaining drug-free communities


Ahistory of young people in the west

Belknap Harvard

The T in CETA local and national perspectives

W. E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research

Work, youth, and unemployment

Thomas Y. Crowell Company

Adolescent substance abuse

Ross Laboratories

In the Country of the young

A Harper's Mangazine press book

Getting Started

The MIT Press

Youth in the urban environment in the ESCWA region

Economic and social commission for Western Asia

L'Europe et L'Insertion par L'Economique


The Adolescent: Development, relationshipsand culture

Allyn and Bacon

Literature for today's young adults

Harper Collins Publishers

Changing Youth in a Changing Society: Patterns of Adolescent Development

nuffield Provincial Hospitals Trust
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