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Books about "Zionism"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Palestine A Modern History

Croom Helm Ltd

The Accused: The Dreyfus Trilogy

Inter Nation

Zioist Colonialism in Palestine

Research Center, Palestine Liberation Organization

The crisis of Zionism

Times Books/Henry Holt and Co

False prophets of peace : liberal Zionism and the struggle for Palestine

Haymarket Books

The case of Israel : a study of political Zionism


I will meet you at the crossroads : A research paper on Islam and the conflict against racist Zionism

Baheth Center Studies

Jewish history, Jewish religion : the weight of three thousand years

Pluto Press

The Balfour Declaration : the origins of the Arab-Israeli conflict


Zionism and racism : (a history of Zionist colonialism and imperialism)

Islamic Publications

Matzo of zion

Tlass Pub. House

Still on vacation! the eviction of the Palestinian in 1948

Shaml-Palestinian Diaspora & refugee Centre

Exile and return : the emergence of Jewish statehood

Weidenfeld and Nicolson

The other Israel : the radical case against Zionism

Anchor Books

Justice and only justice : A Palestinian theology of liberation

Orbis Books

Palestine: factionalism in the national movement (1919-1939)

PASSIA, Palestinian academic society for the study of international affairs

Genocide in the Holy Land

Beni Yeshivos

Attitudes Of Zionist Intellectuals To The Arab

University Microfilms International

Zionist Attitudes Toward The Palestinian Arabs,1936-1939

University Microfilms International

The Comintern And Zionism In Palestine

University Microfilms International

Anti-zionism: analytical reflections

Amana Books

Non-Jewish Zionism: its roots in western history

Zed Press

The idea of the jewish state

Harvard University Press

I and Thou

Charles Scribner's Sons

American zionism and U.S. foreign policy 1942-1947

The Institute for Palestine Studies
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