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Books about "origin"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Early Hominid Posture and Iocomotion

The University of Chicago Press



The mermaid's tale : four billion years of cooperation in the making of living things

Harvard University Press

Until the sun dies


The cradle of language

Oxford University Press

The transition to language

Oxford University Press

Living processes-Book 1 : The organization of living matter

The Open University

Learning the mother tongue

Oxford University Press

Moses and monotheism

Vintage Books

Life: origin and evolution

W. H. Freeman and Company

The Origin of life: a warm little pond

W. H. Freeman and Company

The Relations between arabs and israelites prior to the rise of islam

The British academy

Los senderos de la vida

Fondo de cultura economica

La vida misma

Fondo de cultura economica

The Origins of Complex Language

Oxford University Press

The Descent of man: part I and the concluding chapter of part III

Watts & Co.

The origin of species and descent of man

The Modern Library

Origins: A skeptic's guide to the creation of life on earth

Summit Books

Race in north America: Origin and evolution of a worldview

Westview Press


A dutton Paperback

Man and Money

Priory Press Limited

Les origines de la vie


Approaches to the evolution of language:social and cognitive

Cambridge University Press

The Development of Language:Acquisition,change ,and Evolution


Ageing Proccesses in igher Plants

Oxford University Press
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