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Books about "psychology"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Talking to children:Language and acquisition

The University Press

The new Man In Soviet Psychology

Harvard University Press

Human Potentialities

George Allen

Foundations of Psychology: Study Guide

Copp Clark Pitman

Statistics For the social and Behavioral Science

Little, Brown and Company

Methos Towards A science of Behavior and Experience

Brooks / cole


Harper Collins

Teacher cognition in Language Teaching: Beliefs, decision-making and classroom practice

Cambridge University Press

Foundations of Psychology

Copp Clark Pitman Ltd.


W.W Norton & Company

Psychology and work: an introduction

The Macmillan Press


Worth Publishers

Everybody is different : a book for young people who have brothers or sisters with autism

Autism Asperger Pub. Co

Essentials of clinical geriatrics

McGraw-Hill Education / Medica

Handbook of communication in oncology and palliative care

Oxford University Press

Advanced research methods in psychology


Psychology for nurses

Pearson Education

An introduction to health psychology

Pearson Education

Research methods and design in psychology

Learning Matters

Psychological distress among infertile women attending Razan Center in West Bank in Palestine: Quantitative study

An-Najah National University

الكرب النفسي بين النساء اللواتي يعانين من العقم في مركز رزان في الضفة الغربية

An-Najah National University

Study guide to accompany the science of psychology: an appreciative view


The science of psychology : an appreciative view


Essentials of research methods in psychology

McGraw-Hill Higher Education

Designing and reporting experiments in psychology

Tata McGraw-Hill Education
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